Somewhere deep inside, you know that there is something more you’re supposed to be doing. It’s a tug, a calling. It keeps you up at night. And it makes you feel vaguely unsatisfied.

The feeling is harmless enough—nothing is really wrong, we tell ourselves as we run errands and sit in meetings.

But when we ignore this restless feeling, the person we’re created to be lies dormant. Our talents stop at the borders of our bodies, and our gifts are presents that the world can never open.

Now, it’s time to listen to the restlessness so that you can bring your gifts to the world.

Creative Uncovery isn’t recovering something that has been lost—it’s uncovering something that has always been inside of you. It’s unleashing all of your talents and ideas into the world.

Elle Zimmerman coaches and gently guides those who desire to get in touch with their own creativity. Creative expression is the natural direction of our lives, whether it is expressed through writing, visual art, theatre or something you love. Elle will help you open your ears, eyes, and heart to your magic, your art, your creative purpose. Let’s play!

A working artist, entrepreneur and executive producer, Elle Zimmerman is a performing artist and has worked as an actress and singer on the professional stage for more than 20 years. She has performed across the country, on cruise ships, and throughout Europe primarily as a Broadway Musical leading lady. In front of the camera, she is a spokesperson for clients such as PBS, Procter and Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, MTV, and Toyota, and has appeared in numerous television commercials and corporate training films.

She also writes her own blog on, plays guitar, makes homemade Christmas gifts for her family and is a visual artist in the making. 

W H E N: Wednesday, February 21, 2017 from 6:30-9p.m.

W H E R E: Elemental Om in Symmes, Ohio

11928 Montgomery Road Suite 17, Symmes, Ohio 45249

P R I CE: $79

We’re excited to partner with Elemental Om, a mind, body, and wellness yoga studio in Loveland, Ohio. Because our event will take place in their beautiful space, you’ll need to create a login through their site to register.